Committee and contact

The committee consists of 4 officers, chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer, secretary and 4 committee members. Adolf Fredrik’s Music School, Norrmalm, shall always be represented on the committee in the form of two school leaders, one music teacher and one academic subject teacher.  Adolf Fredrik´s Music School, Farsta, shall always be represented om the committe in form of one represetative. The committe shall also always include a representative from the Parents’ association (AFFF).

Present committee (2016-2017):

Magnus Johansson (Vice principal at AF, Norrmalm)

Vice chairperson
Jakob Ruthberg (parent representative from AF, Norrmalm)

Fredrik Winberg (Music teacher at AF, Norrmalm)

Ann Jäderlund (math/sience teacher at AF, Norrmalm)

Committee members
Lars-Göran Jacobsson (principal AF, Norrmalm)
Sara Sjöblom (vice principal AF, Farsta)
Tony Margeta (Music teacher AF, Norrmalm)
Sofia Cedervall (Stockholm University)


Ulla-Maija Bruun and Johan Sundqvist

Election committee:

Anna Sievers and Penny Rosengren

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